Organ and Tissue Donation Facts – One States Fight Against A Worthwhile Worldwide Cause

When it comes to medicine and health we are convinced that most of us want better and better care. How we feel and produce is largely based on how our body functions and fights attacks which is why taking care of our tissue is so important. Our organs and tissue are the foundation and platforms from which our body performs so it is essential that we constantly look for new and innovative ways to take care of our longevity. We were really impressed with this Donate A Life Arizona infographic campaign that really sheds light on just how powerful a conscience approach to tissue and organs can be. Lets take a look at just a few of the facts and statistics that may help us open our eyes to how valuable innovation in tissue technology and transplants can truly be.

Organ and Tissue Donation Fact and Statistic #1: One Organ and Tissue Donor Can Save Fifty Lives

This just goes to show the incredible reach and impact even one person can make with their generosity. We often like to revert back to an old childhood saying that reiterated “sharing is caring” when it comes to tissue and organ donations and we all should be aware of just how amazing a gift not only a healthy body is but also the chance to lend a helping hand to another human being. This is one of those rare times in life where the math comes out to be one equal to fifty and is a number we all should think about.

Organ and Tissue Donation Fact and Statistic #2: 118,000 Men, Women and Children Waiting For A Life-Saving Organ Donation In The United States

There are a lot of people that need organ and tissue help and in many cases it is a matter of life and death. As grave as this topic is there is a lot of hope and kindness in humanity that we know can overcome the huge obstacles that are organ and tissue donor deficiencies. While key necessities are in short supply for such a large number of survivors in need it does not mean we can not all band together to make a difference for another fellow human being. What are you waiting for? Do the right thing and become a registered tissue or organ donor today.

Organ and Tissue Donation Fact and Statistic #3: There Are No Age or Health Limits On Becoming An Organ or Tissue Donor, Anyone Can Register!

If you think it is hard to become or organ donor think again. There are very little restrictions and even if you have to jump through a hoop or two it is well worth it. While organ and tissue donation regulations vary by state and jurisdiction it is always worthwhile to investigate what your options. At the very least do your community a favor and see what becoming a donor is all about. Just imagine being able to save a life. Its almost as if you can become a real life super hero.

Have an organ donor or tissue tip or fact you want to share? Let us know and maybe we can create an article or content piece around it!