An Inside Look To Vaping Organic – How To Vape As Naturally As Possible


As a medical science company we are always interested in moving in a direction that allows us to make better decisions when it comes to the treatment of our bodies. As medical knowledge advances and our ability to break down the elements of life expands we all have a far better chance to not only enjoy our lives but extend them as well. Since the beginning of time humans have indulged themselves in various activities that are not necessarily game theory optimal when comes to the care and management of our bodies and this trend to continues to this day. When it comes to the many aspects of our lives many times we enjoy a part of life that is not the best for us but not the worst for us either. Often times we are harming ourselves in some form or another and we do not even realize it. One the best angles to life however is even if we may get out of line a bit there are always ways we can educate and enhance our experiences in ways that keep us on the path to health and happiness. One topic we have been investigating a lot lately that follows along the lines of some the observations we have mentioned above and that subject is vaping. While it is technically smoking there are a lot of benefits and healing powers that can come along with the use of a dab pen or wax pen. If we are using a vape pen there are certain measures we can take to protect our health and one of those ways is to vape organic. Lets review some of the more important factors we should take into account when trying to take an organic route with our vaporizer pen.


Key Element To Vaping Organic Number One: Does It Meet USDA Organic Standards?


When it comes to vaping organic one of the first facts we will want to the add to the checklist is to make sure the vape pen juice we are using is USDA certified organic. One point we always have to keep in mind is that although nicotine may be natural and organic in nature, nicotine is not considered to be an organic product by USDA standards. So the first check we will want to make for our e-liquids is that it has the official USDA organic certification and that it is nicotine free.


Key Element To Vaping Organic Number Two: Only Uses Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Organic Flavorings


VG or Vegetable Glycerin a main ingredient in making e-liquids can be organic. VG is extracted from vegetables, and so long as they are grown organically , there is no reason why Vegetable Glycerin cannot be certified as an organic product. Its important to note that PG or Propylene Glycol can be used as part of the base mix for the e-juices and you will want to avoid those liquids claiming to be organic while using PG as it is not possible so be wary of this. We have to treat the added flavorings as well similar fashion. Flavorings must meet the strict guidelines the USDA has set forth.


Key Element To Vaping Organic Number Three: No Nicotine



While nicotine can come from a natural environment the USDA does not list them as a potential organic consumer good. As a health company we would never advocate the use of nicotine so its refreshing to see that organic vape products must be nicotine free which ultimately brings us to our final point and that is when doing anything in life its always best to do it as healthy as possible. We are all not perfect but at least when we are doing the things we enjoy we can do them as safe and as responsible as possible.