3 Important Body Parts You May Be Neglecting In The Gym – Never Miss Muscles


As a therapeutic science organization and conglomerate we are constantly intrigued by moving directions that permit us to settle on better choices with regards to the treatment of our bodies. As well being information progresses and our capacity to separate the components of life grows we as a whole have a far superior opportunity to make the most of our lives while at the same time developing the paths for future generations to reach new heights of health success. Since the very beginning people have entertained themselves with different exercises and worked on finding new avenues to better fitness and health. One the best points to life is regardless of the goals we may not reach or the failures we might encounter there is always ways to improve our encounters and experiences in ways that keep us headed in the right direction when it comes to our well being and satisfaction. One theme we have been researching a considerable measure of late that follows along the lines of the thinking above is in regards to what muscles we may be missing during our exercise routines. While full body workout routines like the CIZE exercise program hit upon all the core muscles there still are a few that may remain neglected or even missed more then others and especially for those that are training on their own with no help. Lets take a look at the most important muscles we may be missing at the gym to get a better idea on exactly what new body parts we should maybe be focusing on.


Muscle To Start Lifting With More Number One: Rotator Muscles (i.e. the rotator cuff)


External rotator muscles of which can be found in the shoulder blade and connected to the outside of the upper arm are extremely important to strength, stability, flexibility and longevity. You will mostly want to focus on the Infraspinatus and your Teres Minor as these are the muscles that get skipped over most often. One great thing about these muscles is if you get them strong you can usually see immediate results in the bench press as well.


Muscle To Start Lifting With More Number Two: The Lower Trap Muscle


Commonly called the “Trap 3” or the lower trap this is one muscle that goes along ways towards helping out with reasonable posture. Humans naturally sometimes have miss figured posture and by working on our lower trap this problem can be corrected and with improved upper body support and presentation. Working on your lower trap molds well with both upper and lower body exercises so its a great versatile and supportive muscle to strengthen.


Muscle To Start Lifting With More Number Three: The Hamstring Muscle


Research studies that naturally hamstrings are only about 60 percent as strong as the quads thus requiring more attention then most give them in the gym. When competing muscle groups are disproportionate in size,strength and shape it can lead to unnecessary joint strain which is what we are trying to avoid by targeting this often missed muscle. This one of main reasons a lot of knee injuries occur which is something we always want to try and prevent. What important muscle do you think you are neglecting right now?